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"Photo-souvenir" Le mur de peintures

/ Daniel Buren /

group of twenty canvases 1966-1977
Peinture acrylique sur toile de coton tissée à rayures alternées de 8,7 cm de large chacune, Toiles de dimensions différentes

This is a group of twenty canvases created between 1966 and 1977, which belonged to the collector Marc Martin-Malburet and are kept together as an unbroken set, in keeping with the artist’s wishes.
Daniel Buren’s specifications are very clear because these Walls must be exhibited either on two walls facing each other (as was the case when they were first exhibited at the Private Passions exhibition), or on a single wall in a specific order.
The different colours and formats (although red is predominant) and virtual rhythmic and ornamental aspects of this group of works are at odds with their rigorous arrangement which avoids any impression of structure. The relationships between neighbouring pictures mean that the canvases lose much of their autonomy and could be seen as fragments.

“Totally dependent on the areas for which they have been designed [my] works actually turn the traditional assumption of the autonomy of a work on its head. Autonomy (or a belief in autonomy , which is not quite the same) still has a significant impact on the history of western art and is the cornerstone of the ideology of art”, explained Daniel Buren in Au sujet de… (1998). Each work initiates a new conflict with its singular reality, reaffirming the logic behind the views that Daniel Buren has developed on many occasions throughout his career.

Le mur de peintures - ©ADAGP, Paris 2010