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3 doubles trames 0° -30° -60°

/ François Morellet /

Oil-based paint on aluminium

3 doubles trames 0° -30° -60° was created for the Sǎo Paulo Biennale in 1975. Jacques Lassaigne, who was director of the museum and the curator of the French pavilion’s Idée Système Matière exhibition, asked Morellet to create a monumental work eight metres by eight metres designed to be displayed at the entrance to the Biennale. The artist and his assistants produced a panel at the Cholet factory whose title announced the rules of its composition, as was the case with most of his work post 1956. 3 doubles trames 0° -30° -60° is made up of eight aluminium panels to which industrial paint has been applied with a roller for the white background and with a roller and paintbrush for the black stripes. The network of lines had been marked out in advance with masking tape. This panel, which is the largest painting created by François Morellet, could not be exhibited as designed, nor could it be exhibited in the location for which it was originally intended. It was hung on one of the side walls of the Biennale buildings in two sections of four panels each. It was displayed in this form at Le Capitou (Fréjus), in 1995 and at the Blow-up 1952 -2007 exhibition in 1995.

3 doubles trames 0° -30° -60° - ©ADAGP, Paris 2010